Iceberger tops Irish ice cream sales

The warm weather this week has whipped up interest in ice cream so Tesco Ireland has delved into ice cream sales to see what ice cream and ice pops are most popular with shoppers. Often it is a change in temperature from one day to the next which has the biggest impact on sales but ice cream sales peak during temperatures of 17-20 degrees, with uplifts of up to 60% in ice cream sales in shops across Ireland.

According to the latest supermarket share figures from Kantar Worldpanel in Ireland, Tesco is the market leader for ice cream sales in Ireland with 32 percent market share. The top 15 ice creams in Ireland according to sales this year in Tesco stores are:

  1. Iceberger: Delicious vanilla ice cream sandwiched between chocolate cookie dough biscuits
  2. Loop the Loop: Tangy lime water ice pop topped with lemon flavoured sorbet with a chocolate flavoured topping
  3. Magnum Classic: Vanilla bean ice cream dipped in milk chocolate
  4. Magnum Almond: Vanilla bean ice cream dipped in milk chocolate and almonds
  5. Magnum White Chocolate: Vanilla bean ice cream dipped in white chocolate
  6. Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles Lollies: Fruit ice lolly with five fruit flavoured segments
  7. Tesco Everyday Value soft scoop vanilla ice cream: Vanilla flavour soft scoop ice cream
  8. Cornetto Classico Cone: Delicious vanilla flavour ice cream with a chocolate and hazelnut topping in a crunchy wafer cone
  9. HB Vanilla ice cream: Hazelbrook Farm’s original vanilla ice cream is made using fresh whole milk and has no artificial colours or flavours
  10. Magnum Pink Raspberry ice cream: Raspberry ice cream and a delicate ripple of sauce all wrapped in a shimmering pearlescent shell
  11. Tesco Goodness Rocket ice lollies: Pineapple, orange and strawberry flavoured ice lollies with added vitamin C
  12. Tesco Triple chocolate ice cream: Chocolate flavoured ice cream with chocolate flavoured sauce and milk and white chocolate curls
  13. Tesco caramel vanilla ice cream: Vanilla flavoured ice cream with a caramel flavoured sauce and caramel flavoured candy pieces
  14. Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough
  15. Brunch: Vanilla and strawberry flavour ice cream in a biscuit crumb coating

Tesco is currently running a ‘2 for €4’ promotion on the following ice creams:

  • Loop the Loop 9 pack
  • HB Iceberger multipack
  • Cornetto:
    • Cornetto Classico Cone 4 x 90ml
    • Cornetto Summer berry Cone 4 x 90ml
    • Cornetto Mint ice cream cone 4 x 90ml
  • Magnum:
    • Magnum Almond ice cream 4 x 110ml
    • Magnum White ice cream 4 x 110ml
    • Magnum Caramel 10 x 440ml
    • Magnum Classic ice cream 4 x 110ml
  • Calippo Mini 6 x 480ml
  • Walls Mini Twister 8 x 400ml
  • Freaky Foot

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