Statement from Tesco Ireland

Delivering great service for customers - Tesco statement

Our customer shopping habits are changing; more customers are shopping online, at weekends and at different times of the day and our customer service needs to be able to meet these needs. Our pre-1996 contract doesn’t meet the needs of today’s customers and was agreed 20 years ago at a time when stores didn’t open Sundays or late nights. As a result we have too many colleagues rostered during our quietest days instead of our busiest; and guaranteed overtime which doesn’t take account of the needs of each store or give colleagues an equal opportunity to work overtime when it arises.

To unlock this inflexibility in our business so that we can reinvest our resources in having more colleagues on the shop floor at our busiest times, we propose to move all pre-1996 colleagues onto our modern contract which was agreed in 2006 with the Trade Unions as part of our collective agreement.

We will compensate all affected colleagues for loss of earnings, the terms of which will be finalised over the coming weeks. This change affects just over 6% of our colleagues. Our objective is to improve customer service; this is not about job losses as we have a job for everybody. We briefed colleagues on these proposed changes yesterday and hope to commence discussions with Trade Unions immediately.