A small treat puts a smile on Irish people’s faces more than anything else after a busy week

Almost half [47%] of Irish adults say that a small surprise or treat from a family member puts a smile on their face at the end of a busy week and similarly [48%] say that family mealtimes are all about family fun. The research marks the launch of a new brand evolution for Tesco Ireland, Family Makes Us Better, putting families at the heart of everything it does as a business.

The research shows that family, no matter what shape or form, is an integral part of Irish life with the majority (87%) of people stating a family member is the first person they call when something special happens in their life.

The top five treats / surprises from family members that are extremely likely or likely to put a smile on people’s faces at the end of a busy week are:

  1. Breakfast / lunch / dinner prepared by a family member (76%)
  2. All the family having a meal together (70%)
  3. Cup of tea being made by a family member (68%) – in Connacht this rises to 79%!
  4. Favourite packet of biscuits in the house as a treat (61%)
  5. A night off clearing the table after dinner / doing the dishes (59%)

This is also true when it comes to shopping inspiration with the other half noted as the biggest inspiration for the weekly shopping choices (40%). This is highest amongst those over 55 with 55% taking inspiration from their other half.[One in five] Irish adults get their inspiration from their parents, as they are drawn towards brands they were brought up on. Younger people are most influenced by their parents with 36% saying that is where they get their shopping inspiration.

When it comes to family mealtimes, the research reveals the habits and rituals of Irish families across the nation. More than half [52%] of Irish families have a set seat at the table, rising to 60% in Connacht and Ulster. At [40%] of tables across the country the household chef is the last to take their seat and [35%] of families have a rule to put away mobile phones during mealtimes. Eating with your mouth open or loud chewing is by far the most annoying dining habit [44%] according to the nation. The urban / rural mealtime divide seems to be fading as well with the majority of families, across the country, choosing to eat dinner between 5 and 7pm.

 “Our research really shows that we think about our families when we shop, gleaning inspiration from the broader sense of family for example from a partnership, a sibling, to a sports club or a community group.

“Family is something that means a lot to Irish people, through the little things we do for our loved ones. To that end at Tesco we’re committed to putting family at the heart of everything we do. Our Family Makes Us Better creative uses real Irish family moments and shows that we recognise how important family is to shoppers in Ireland and will demonstrate how Tesco works to make family life better too,” said Sean Nolan, Head of Customer Marketing, Tesco Ireland.

Ireland is a nation of ‘Organisers’ at mealtimes with a quarter of people separating the contents of their plate into sections, and taking a strategic approach to eating one section at a time. Almost one in five (18%) of adults claim to be ‘The Inhaler’, not taking breaks or pauses between mouthfuls, eating at speed and having limited engagement with other diners at the table. And of course, as would be expected, one fifth of Irish people say they are ‘The Talker’, a diner who is often distracted by the company of others, opting to chat at length between mouthfuls.

The research identified four distinct culinary tastes / types showing that Irish people have become more adventurous when it comes to cooking as 44% of people described themselves as ‘The Culinary Adventurer’, experimenting with recipes from around the world. The next most popular type was ‘The Meat & Two Veg’, with 36% of people claiming they have simple tastes and opt for more traditional recipes while 12% described themselves as ‘The Picky-Eater’. Just 8% said that they were ‘The Well-being Warrior’ opting for a more holistic approach to their meals.

Tesco Ireland’s brand evolution includes a new creative focus on families which features real Irish families from all over the country as they go about their daily lives showing that Family Makes Us Better.  The new campaign, is centred on family insights and Tesco identified that when customers shop, they shop with families in mind, and not as individuals.