Irish shoppers’ last-minute Christmas items revealed

Tesco Ireland has revealed the most popular grocery items that are set to be snapped up in the final hours of trading as Christmas Day draws nearer. With just two more sleeps until the big day, Tesco has revealed the last-minute purchases by shoppers throughout Ireland who will be stocking up for the festive season.

Historically, last minute items were once dominated by phone credit, batteries and sellotape purchases, however this year’s stats show that shoppers are sticking with traditions with treat and seasonal items such as soft drinks and snacks for entertaining guests topping the list and expected to be in the highest demand as the Christmas countdown enters its final hours.

The most up to date statistics from Tesco Ireland reveal that shoppers’ traditions:

  1. Soft drinks
  2. Crisps & Snacks
  3. Milk
  4. Fresh Bread
  5. Breakfast Meats
  6. Biscuits for Cheese
  7. Seasonal Confectionary
  8. Wrapping Paper
  9. Cooking Sauces
  10. Cream

Unsurprisingly, fresh products such as cream and milk are among the most popular items. The inclusion of bread in fourth position suggests that turkey sandwiches will be in ready supply as families tuck into leftovers over the Christmas season.   

Tis the season for sprouts; the average size of sprout is roughly 30mm in size. Approx. 7 million individual sprouts are projected to be sold this year across Tesco stores for the season – that’s enough sprouts to travel from Dublin to Galway by road.

Tesco is also urging shoppers to cut down on household waste by using leftover vegetables to make hearty vegetable soup. What’s more roasting the vegetables gives a lovely flavour, and there's little fuss to make it which is perfect for a busy household. It can be made with chicken or vegetable stock and it makes a great starter or is even good as a light lunch in the post-Christmas days.