Komodo Dragon chilli peppers to be unleashed in Ireland

A limited amount of the hottest commercially grown chillies in the world will go on sale in 20 Tesco stores on Monday, 31st August

Hot chilli pepper lovers – take a deep breath, grab some milk and prepare for meltdown – the Komodo Dragon chilli will arrive in Ireland on Monday, 31st August. The hottest ever commercially grown chilli pepper sold on a supermarket shelf is set to send heat levels rocketing in kitchens across Ireland.

A limited amount of Komodo Dragon chillies will be arriving into 20 Tesco Ireland stores on August 31st so chilli fans are encouraged to pick them up early to avoid disappointment. Grown in the UK exclusively for Tesco, the Komodo Dragon chilli pepper measures up to an excruciating 1.4 million Scoville units. To give some idea of that potency, the lively jalapeno pepper which is used in many pizza toppings measures 3,500 Scovilles while the very hot Scotch Bonnet can measure up to 350,000 Scovilles.

Tesco Ireland Fresh food buyer Joe Casey commented “This limited stock of Komodo Dragon chillies is exclusive to Tesco and we anticipate stock to sell out quickly. Most people would consider a Scotch Bonnet to peak their spice threshold but it pales in comparison to the Komodo Dragon chilli which is also unusual because it has a delayed reaction that lulls you into a sense of false security. At first you taste the wonderful hot fruitiness but then after about 10 seconds the full might of the chilli hits you. This chilli is definitely suited to those who are experienced in eating really hot food. Deliveries will be going into a select number of stores on August 31st and will be available while stocks last.” 

Komodo Dragon chilli peppers will be sold in 15g packets and will cost €1.49 per packet. These chillies are ideal for spicing up meals and can be used to infuse oil and add an extremely spicy kick to dishes. The 20 Tesco stores that will stock a limited amount of Komodo Dragon chillies on August 31st are listed below.

Tesco stores that will stock a limited amount of Komodo Dragon chillies on August 31st include;


Paul Street

Wilton Square








Clarehall Extra

Dundrum Town Centre

Finglas Clearwater






Maynooth Extra

Naas Extra




Drogheda Extra






For further press information please contact:

Amanda Farrell, Consumer PR Manager, Tesco Ireland 


Note to editors:


The level of heat in a chilli pepper is measured in Scoville units.


Due to the heat of these chillies, each packet carries a number of cautions for customers;

  • Do not consume whole
  • Do not touch without gloves
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • If cooking the whole chilli, remove from dish at the end of cooking
  • If slicing, remove all seeds prior to cooking
  • Wash hands thoroughly after preparation to avoid irritation.