Tesco Ireland Storm Emma Update 12.30pm, 27th February 2018

Tesco has been working hard, together with its suppliers, to ensure that extra grocery essentials will be available across the week for customers who want to stock up ahead of the expected bad weather.

More than 400,000 individual cases were delivered last night alone as part of 260 deliveries to Tesco’s 149 stores nationwide.  An additional 300 deliveries are due today and we’ve increased our fresh produce volume to cater for customer demand.  More deliveries are due this afternoon and tomorrow.

Tesco has also increased the availability of core grocery essentials including 20 per cent more bread, over 10 per cent more milk, fresh food and fuel which were delivered to stores this morning. Tesco has increased the number of colleagues working in our in-store bakeries to ensure we have as much fresh bakery available as possible throughout the day. 

Christine Heffernan, Corporate Affairs Director, Tesco Ireland said, “Our teams are working around the clock to ensure that stock reaches our stores to help customers prepare for the bad weather ahead and we will have good availability of stock throughout the week.  We’re doing everything we can to ensure that stocks of fresh produce, bread and milk with deliveries planned for each day.”

Tesco has today introduced snow grips for shoes which are available in 113 stores nationwide as well as additional fuel stocks such as radiators and heaters. We have also stocked up on bottled water, batteries and de-icing materials to help customers prepare for the adverse weather conditions.

We continue to encourage people to check in on elderly or vulnerable neighbours to ensure that they have sufficient essential items for the coming days. We will be working with our partner FoodCloud to organise contingency plans for the 300 community groups that we support through our surplus food donations should they have challenges in collecting food donations this week.