Tesco is now the largest contactless retailer in Ireland

Tesco now accounts for 10% of all Visa contactless payments in Ireland 

With over 2,200 contactless payment terminals across the country, Tesco has become the largest contactless retailer in Ireland. Tesco completed the national roll out of contactless technology to all 149 stores earlier this year, offering consumers the fastest transaction times and delivering excellent service.   

Tesco customers are responding positively to the availability of contactless technology, with the average number of contactless Visa transactions reaching over 330,000 every week.

Commenting on Tesco Ireland’s investment in contactless technology, Geraldine Casey, People & IT Director at Tesco Ireland, said: “At Tesco, we know our customers lead hectic lives and are often short on time, so we want to make things as easy as possible for them. Our investment in contactless technology enables us to help our customers in a small way everyday by offering quick and convenient transactions in all of our stores. Our customers are responding well to this offering, with transactions in  our stores now accounting for 10% of all Visa contactless transactions in Ireland.”

Philip Konopik, Country Manager, Ireland, Visa, commented saying: “As the popularity of contactless payments amongst Irish consumers continues to grow rapidly, it is great to see one of Ireland’s largest retailers leveraging the advantages of contactless payments, enabling their customers to benefit from a faster and easier checkout experience. That Tesco customers have been so quick to adapt to using contactless technology is a testament to the quality of Tesco’s implementation and instore communication at the point of sale.”


The increasing popularity of contactless technology among Tesco customers is in line with the rest of the Irish retail sector. According to Visa over three million contactless transactions are made each week across Ireland, growing from a standing start just over two years ago. As a result, contactless now accounts for one in three of all face-to-face Visa payments.

The increase in the contactless payment threshold from €15 to €30 has had a significant impact on the growth in popularity of contactless payments. For Tesco, this new limit has broadened the basket of goods that can be purchased with the technology.