Tesco Top Tips on how to cook the Perfect Turkey this Festive Season

Tesco to donate €1 for every fresh turkey purchased to charity partner Temple Street.

22nd December 2017  With a 30% uplift in pre-orders online for fresh Irish turkeys on its grocery home shopping service, Tesco is proud to stock 100% Irish reared, Bord Bia approved turkeys from frozen to fresh this Christmas. For every fresh turkey customers buy, Tesco Ireland will donate €1 to its charity partner Temple Street.

Tesco Ireland has also revealed some top turkey tips for trimming and creating a tasting feast for Irish families. Tesco works closely with its long-standing supplier, Grove Turkeys, from Co. Monaghan and a select group of farmers, to ensure that all turkeys are raised to the highest quality standards year in year out.

Tracey McDermott, head of technical and quality assurance, Tesco Ireland, has some sage advice for first time hosts.

“As a nation, Christmas dinner is one of the most treasured meals of the year, and while this is usually a family filled occasion, it’s not without its stresses or last minute panics. So if you’re hosting Christmas for the first time this year we highly recommend, the Tesco finest* Irish Free Range Bronze Turkey – this type of turkey meat is a shade darker than white free range and has a subtle gamey taste bursting with natural juices. A slow growing breed, these birds have a distinctive, succulent flavour.”

“At Tesco, we’re all about making life easier for the hosts in our lives – so if it’s a smaller gathering, then the best bet is Tesco Fresh Irish Turkey Crown – a great alternative to the traditional whole turkey with tender breast meat that’s easy to carve.“

“In general terms, we recommend that hosts gauge the right turkey size for the number of guests, for example, a 3KG turkey will serve 3-5 people. For a gathering of 6 – 9 people for dinner, a 4/5kg turkey will be the right size; whilst 10-13 strong to cater for a 6KG turkey will more than cover off the numbers. Whilst a 7-10kg turkey will more than satisfy 14-16 guests. As with all Tesco Irish frozen or fresh turkeys, they are 100% Irish and Bord Bia approved so automatically the quality of the product is to the highest standard.”

A trendy trick for brining

Buttermilk Brined Turkey - a good way to ensure a juicy turkey adorns your table this Christmas is to brine it overnight. The buttermilk helps tenderise the meat while the salt in the brine adds flavour. For extra flavour, a delicious herb butter is spread under the skin of the turkey.

Cooking Times

  • Calculate the cooking time for your turkey by weight, including the stuffing.
  • Allow 35-40 minutes per kg at gas 4, 180°C or fan 160°C.

Carving Tips

  • Separate the drumstick from the thigh by cutting through the knee joint. Use your fingers to feel for the joint before cutting
  • To carve the drumstick, hold it upright and slice downwards, turning the bone as you slice
  • To serve the thigh, either cut it in half or thinly slice the meat parallel to the bone

Finally, slice the turkey crown. Hold your knife at a slight angle and carve the breast in a sweeping motion to create large, thin slices.