Our Position on Packaging

As part of our Little Helps Plan we have made the following commitments:

  • Our packaging will be fully recyclable by 2025
  • End the use of hard to recycle materials from our packaging by the end of 2019
  • All paper and board used will be 100% sustainable by 2025
  • We will halve packaging by weight by 2025

Tesco Ireland is working hard to reduce the use of plastics through working with suppliers and by minimising plastic packaging in Tesco own label products. We have set challenging targets that will deliver a step change in how much plastic waste we generate.

Our product teams are developing innovative packaging plans to deliver on our 2025 commitments. Some recent examples of this work include a 20% reduction in the weight of packaging for Tesco Baby Wet Wipes; changes to our Tesco finest steaks packs which has reduced packaging by 20 tonnes per year and the removal of pads from our Tesco Mince which has reduced the packaging weight by five tonnes per year. Also, we no longer provide single use carrier bags at checkouts. 

We are a member of Repak which has led the way in improving recycling levels in Ireland and we are proud signatories of the Repak Packaging Pledge.