Tesco Ireland has an ambitious plan for energy-efficiency projects and energy-management measures across all our stores in Ireland.

Since 2016, we have made significant energy efficiency upgrades to the fridge, lighting and heating systems across our stores.

We are proud to have achieved zero food waste sent to landfill since 2009. 

We have led the way in retail refrigeration by moving to phase out higher Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant gases like 404a and replacing with lower CO2 impact gas 448a. This programme commenced in 2017 and 30 stores have been completed in this time with more planned. 

Through our relationship with FoodCloud, we have diverted the equivalent of 10 million meals away from waste, reducing carbon emissions by 7,000 tonnes associated with waste processing.

In the past year we have procured 100% renewable electricity for its full usage across our property portfolio. We also produce energy via our wind turbine at our Distribution Centre at Donabate – this generates 1.5million KWh per year, of which 10% goes back to the national grid.

In 2017, we were awarded Green Retailer of the Year, by the Green Awards, which recognises and showcases organisations that are making an extraordinary contribution to a greener future in Ireland.